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Santa’s Proper Day-to-Day Appearance

posted by SantaTim On February - 24 - 2009 159 COMMENTS

Santa Tips and Suggestions – March 2009 “Santa’s Proper Day-to-Day Appearance” – By Santa Hollywood One of the most difficult tasks I have is trying to tell a fellow Santa that his appearance is lacking. As not only an instructor, but an employer and recruiter, I sometimes have the task of sitting a Santa down […]

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Networking and Socializing with your fellow Santas

posted by SantaTim On February - 6 - 2009 1 COMMENT

Emails and Internet links between Santas have changed everything within the Santa industry . Prior to the internet, very few Santas knew other Santas and rarely did they connect outside of their own work or community. Over the past ten years everything has changed. 2008 was a roller coaster of a year and along the […]

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Greetings from Santa Hollywood

posted by SantaTim On February - 6 - 2009 63 COMMENTS

Greetings!Hello and welcome to what I hope will be a series of periodic postings of information that I wish to pass on to all Santas. Every day I get emails from Santas all over the country, asking questions and looking for information. Often the questions asked are something that can be shared with everyone. I […]

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