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Networking and Socializing with your fellow Santas

posted by SantaTim On February - 6 - 2009 1 COMMENT

Emails and Internet links between Santas have changed everything within the Santa industry . Prior to the internet, very few Santas knew other Santas and rarely did they connect outside of their own work or community.

Over the past ten years everything has changed. 2008 was a roller coaster of a year and along the way we saw even more changes.

We saw changes with malls and the photo companies. The fallout from the nations economic situation affected everyone. More Major changes are projected for 2009.
We saw the collapse and demise of a major Santa organization and in its wake, over 700 member Santas departed or moved to became members of other groups.

I am sure that we all hope this is behind us and that we can move on.
There are now over 40 regional, national and international Santa groups where you can network and find a place to, as they say, to “hang-your-hat.” If you want or enjoy networking with others, these groups are a good place to start.

(The combined total in these groups, not counting duplications, is well over 2000.) If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know.No one can tell anyone what to do or what path to follow. Not even I. But I can offer some options on how to find new directions. Again, that is why I have posted the list below:

Regional, National and International Groups

Click on the name of the group to be directed to their web site or to send an email


SANTAS ACROSS THE GLOBE– (Also has 12 regional and country groups)
MOTS – Mystic Order of Traditional Santas (Designer Bearded Santas)
SANTATALK – (a forum for practicing Santas and helpers)
SANTA’S SOCIETY – (A Portal for Santa’s Connections)


Santa – America
IOS – International Order of Santas (Meeting Jan 25)
FORBS – Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (Meeting Jan 25)
BDDS -The Brotherhood of the Direct Descendants of Santa
SATGSantas Across the Globe (International with over a dozen regional groups)
FIRBS – Fraternity of International Real Bearded Santas
Clan Claus – (Santas of Scottish heritage)


Santas NorCal – (Santas of Northern California)
Santa’s Pack – (Oregon)
Long Leaf Pine Santas (NC-SC-TN-VA)
Orange County CA- FORBS
Inland Empire CA FORBS (Meeting – Feb 22)
Silver State Santas (Nevada)
Society of Santa (Denver)
Buckeye Santas Ohio (Real Bearded) (Meeting Feb 7)
Palm Tree Santas (Florida)
Lone Star Santas (Texas)
Peachtree Santas (Georgia)
Toledo Santas (All Santas)
West Central Indiana/East Central Illinois
Kansas City Area Santas (KS & MO)
ARIZONA SANTAS (Contact for Feb Meeting)
Minnesota Santas
Northeast Santas – (Meeting Feb 21)
Mid-Atlantic Santas (VA-WestVA-DE-MD
Illinois Assn of Professional SantasIOS Chapter 10 (Meeting Feb7)
Northern Illinois Santas (Meeting Feb 21)
Santa Claus Arizona (Meeting Feb 21)
*this list is current as of Feb 6, 2009

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