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50 Santas, Mrs. Claus and Family begin departures for Alaska and the North Pole

posted by SantaTim On May - 20 - 2009 3 COMMENTS

In just three days, two dozen Santas, their wives, and a few family members and friends, will begin a two week adventure as they board the Diamond Princess for a Cruise tour to Alaska and ending at North Pole.

Over a year of planning, promoting, saving, and scheduling have all paid off as everyone will be going on one of the most exciting Alaska Cruises ever.

You can see our current and updated itinerary at

The Cruise includes, visits to Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks and finally a trip to the Santa Claus House at North Pole. And along the way the Santas in their matching red jackets and vests, will also attend a special three-day, School4Santas, that will be taught while we are at sea.

Plus, due to the wonderful work of our fellow Santas in Alaska, especially Santa Jim Wingren, the 50 travelers in our group are not only traveling on their vacations, but they are being the guests of various tourist attractions and theme events.

In Ketchikan, Seahorse Ventures will be hosting everyone to a traditional tour of Alaska’s first City, in trolleys drawn by four beautiful Belgian draft horses. The Captain of the Diamond Princess has been invited to join us for this special Memorial Day event, This will be followed by a brunch organized by Santa Jim and Connie Wingren. By the way, Memorial Day marks the beginning of Alaska’s main tourism season.

In Skagway, Santa Carlin “Buckwheat” Donohue has arranged for the local trolleys to transport everyone to the famous “Red Onion” for a full tour and refreshments on the house. By the way, Santa Buckwheat works for the visitors bureau and coordinates the local shuttle transports. He has informed us that on the day of our visit, “All Santas, Mrs. Claus and guests’ Ride Free on the shuttles.

A few companies have contacted us some special little gifts have been sent for the Santas and/or their wives. I will tell you about these later as I don’t want to spoil the surprise! And one of our fellow Travelers, Santa Julian, has really topped the gift giving with something he will announce at dinner on our first night out.

The finale of the cruise will be a special excurision not in any travel guide! It is a visit to the Santa Claus House in the City of North Pole! The Miller Family, who had originally planned on being at the 2006 Convention in Branson, are one of Alaskas most active and well known families. They are so excited that we are coming that they decided to make a party of it and the entire town has been invited to a celebration to welcome our group as we arrive in town.

There will be a few speeches, maybe a proclamation from the Mayor, lots of phots, plus cake and refreshements for everyone. They have annoucned there will be a special gift package for each Santa and member of the group, including a personalized Deed to some North Pole Land (These are real!) Following this, we will help Susan and Santa Ben Williams, and Carol and Santa David Smith celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows.

And along the way we hear there are a few newspapers, a television station or two and lots of photographers that will be following some of the Santas around.

I head out on Friday Morning for Vancouver. Some Santas and their wives left their homes last week and are traveling by motorhome and train to Vancouver. The Diamond Princess will depart on Satruday Afternoon. As I mentioned above you can read the entire itinerary at: Tim

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