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Reminder about photos, your pose, and placement of hands

posted by SantaTim On November - 25 - 2010 30 COMMENTS

In all of my schools I talk about your poses for photos, the placement of  your hands and that Santa mus always be awar of what is going on around him and even behind him.  

You should always have your hands in the photo.  This insures that a guest never assumes that your hand is somewhere is should not be.  I know that every Santa does his best to help the right photo for the guests.  But sometimes trying to get you hand around a child or group is difficult.  I recommend in these situations that you just bring your hand and arm back in front of your body, may touching your glasses or tucking your hand in your belt.   You don’t always have to have  your hand around someone.

Another important aspect to taking photos is that your photographer must actually watch what he is shooting.  Nothing is worse that a photographer that ignores what is happening in front of the camera and just randomly shoots. 

A good photographer will check to make sure that you not only have your hands showing, but that you are correctly posed and that you are looking at the camera.   Nothing is worse than a photo where you are staring off into space or possibly looking in the wrong direction. 

Finally, should a photo have an awkward pose or show something that was incorrect, your photographer or photo manager should make sure that the photo is deleted or not sold or given the the guest.  Nothing is worse than your photo company contributing to a possible problem by giving the client or guest a photo that could be comprimising.

It take team work to get good photos and to give the guest somethign nice to take home.  I hope you can have a great photo team.

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