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Addendum to “Get a Head Start

posted by SantaTim On March - 20 - 2011 Comments Off on Addendum to “Get a Head Start

Yesterday’s Blog promoted how and why you should look at “Get a Head Start on the Holidays.”  By following the timeline for “Get a Head Start,”  you can automatically be the recipient of a special gift.

By “Getting Ahead” your gift is extra free time! Time you can use as you please. Time to relax. Time to spend on yourself. Or, time to do something special. Here are a few suggestions for using your new free time:

§ Schedule time at the beginning of the month to make phone calls to relatives and old friends. Call someone who would never expect it. Call someone who cannot get out to visit. Call a child and pretend you are Santa or Mrs. Claus. Make one or two calls a day if you can. You will be surprised how much energy you will get from making these calls.

§ Take a gift to someone who would not expect it. Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling you get when doing a “Random Act of Kindness.” I never need the services of a crossing guard, but there is one local crossing guard near my home that works extremely hard and always has a smile, even for someone driving by, like me. Last year I made a quick stop and gave the crossing guard some fresh baked cookies. He didn’t know my name and I didn’t know his. But I really felt great after giving him that tin of cookies.

§ Maybe you have a friend or neighbor who cannot get out. Offer to take them shopping or to do their shopping for them. Address some Christmas cards for them. Bring some holiday cheer into their life! If you have children, invite them to help wrap the gifts or mail the cards. Get the family involved. It’s the true Spirit of Christmas.

§ Finally, always remember, no matter what you have on your calendar, schedule time for yourself and your family. Actually write down appointments to stay home and do things together. Schedule time when you and the family can just sit around and watch an old movie or better yet to make some cookies or put together some little gift baskets to give as those surprise gifts.

Take advantage of your gift of time, for when it is gone, it’s gone forever.

© Copyright 2011, Timothy Connaghan,

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