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Get a Head Start Santa!

posted by SantaTim On March - 20 - 2011 Comments Off on Get a Head Start Santa!

The following is from a series of articles and postings I wrote called, “Get a Head Start on the Holidays.” You can find the entire series at

This section is geared directly to Santas and is titled “Get A Head Start Santa.”

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Are you one of the many Santas that works too many hours, gets fatigued, or worries too much when the November and December holidays arrive?

Maybe you’re a new Santa starting on the road to the North Pole and uncertain what you will encounter this year?

Every year we hear people saying, “Next year, I’m not waiting until the last minute to get ready for the Christmas Holidays.”

This is especially true for Santa! In addition to the everyday tasks that normal people have, attending to family and social schedules, taking care of our own homes, etc., we add the job of being Santa.

A lot of us wish we could spend more time enjoying the Holidays and less time rushing about? Often our work and appearance schedule have us so busy, we miss seeing our loved ones.

As descendants of Santa Claus, we hear people complaining that the Holiday Season has lost its magic. They complain about the hectic, rush-rush of daily life and that everything is too hectic and stressful.

If Santa is overworked or stressed out, he can easily miss those special moments when they arrive. Maybe your schedule has you so busy, you can’t get done, the things you want.

We all know if Santa does not have the lights up and the house decorated by Thanksgiving, he is in deep trouble!

And how or when is he going to get the time to do any of his Christmas Shopping. Many of us know how difficult Christmas shopping can be. And when you look like Santa, it adds an additional level of difficulty!

By organizing all of your tasks and responsibilities and planning in advance, you can accomplish a lot more.

Here are my three secrets to Getting Ahead:

• Secret #1 – Organize & Plan Ahead.
• Secret #2 – Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks.
• Secret #3 – Schedule Personal Time.

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