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Toys for Boys – What’s new in 2011

posted by SantaTim On March - 15 - 2011 Comments Off on Toys for Boys – What’s new in 2011

The 2011 International Toy Fair benefited this year with a huge roll-out of new toys for boys!.  Leading the pack were the over 300 new toys, games and items all tied to Disney’s June 24 release of “Cars 2.”  A lot has happened since 2006 when Pixar and Disney first released “Cars.”   Now ‘Lightning McQueen’ (Owen Wilson) and ‘Mator’ (Larry the Cable Guy) are heading to Europe and the World Gran Prix and a mix-up with some International Spies.

Anyway this will be one of the top toys for the boys.  Mattel is leading the way with a complete line of special ‘Cars 2’ toys including Hot Wheels.     LEGO is offering some great kits that allow building of garage and race track elements along with putting together your own McQueen, Mator and the others.  By the way one of the heroes in the movie is the Silver Aston Martin,  “Finn McMissel,” voiced by Michael Caine.

There will also be a line of Fisher-Pricetoys  including wooden “Cars 2” toys for the small kids.  Other companies are offering Internet games and a line of RC controlled toys aimed at 5-12 year olds. (And adults who are still a little kid inside).

I mentioned Hot Wheels above and Mattel is rolling out a new line of Hot Wheel tracks that attach to the wall.  Using the new 3-M removable adhesives, Special tracks can be attached up and down on walls, even into the inside corners within a room.   And the nice thing about these new tracks is that 1) it keeps the tracks and cars off of the floor, which means less pick up and mess, and 2) the 3-M adhesives are easily removed with no damage to the walls or paint!

You can see more about all kinds of great new toys by visiting Time to Play Magazine’s web site:    Chris Byrne, the Toy Guy, and the team from Time to Play visited the Toy Fair and they are constantly reviewing the latest toys, games, and products for kids.  It is a great site to follow and to keep updated on the latest toys.

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