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Toys for Girls – 2011 Toy Fair Report

posted by SantaTim On March - 21 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

Two weeks ago, I reported on one some new toys for the toddlers and some for the boys. 

Today, I want to give you some updates on the newest items for the Girls, starting with Mattel.  As we all know the number one item requested by girls is Barbie, or anything related to her.  And Mattel is no slouch in trying to come up with something new every year. 

Ken celebrates his 50th Birthday.  As you may or may not know, Ken and Barbie’s relationship has been on the rock for a few years.  But this year Ken decided it was time to win Barbie Back.  Thus, we have a new line of stylish and Hip Ken Dolls.

And the big news is that Ken succeeded and he and Barbie are back together.   You may have remembered that back in 2004 Ken and Barbie broke up.   But in the past few months everyone has been following both Ken and Barbie on Facebook and Twitter and as the Toy Fair opened in New York, Ken had Billboards around the City asking Barbie to forgive him and take him back. 

And to no one’s surprise, Barbie agreed and proved it by changing her Facebook status to”in a relationship.”

Mattel did a great job promoting this new change in Ken and Barbie’s social status and paired that change with the introduction of some new Dolls, with new outfits and related accessories and products

Ken has been seen with Barbie, most recently in Toy Story 3 and now Mattel is rolling out some new versions of Ken with a new hairstyle (ala: Justin Beiber) and a body that is more fit and trim with bigger biceps and well developed abs. He really looks good for a guy turning 50!

As part of Ken’s Birthday Mattel introduced “Sweet Talkin’ Ken,” the “Ultimate Boyfriend.”  Why Ultimate?  Well this Ken allows you to put ‘your words’ in his mouth.  Yes, you personally record something and then by pushing a button on his back, you have it play back in your voice or by pushing a different button, digitally change the play back to your words, but in Ken’s voice!

I mentioned a few paragraphs ago the new outfits and related products.  Well this year there are lots of new outfits for Barbie, Ken and all their friends.  Plus new ‘big’ accessories including a three story dream house, and Barbie’s “Private Vacation Jet.”

And the line of dolls would not be complete without Mattel line of Princess Dolls.  Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and the rest of the Princesses, are now joined by Rapunzel.  Added to this, there is a special set of dolls that actually sing the songs from their movies.

Keeping up with the modern times and electronics is important.  And Barbie is not one to sit back and wait.  To keep up ahead of the game, Barbie is now a Video Camera.  That’s right, Mattel has built a complete windows/MAC compatible camera inside Barbie, with an LCD screen on her back Use the included USB plug in cord to down load the videos and add music, graphics and special effects with the free “Video Girl” editing software.

As Mattel’s press kit states: “Budding filmmakers, take note: Barbie® doll now doubles as a video camera! Girls can record and play back clips with this multi-tasking doll, which has a video camera built right in. Capture everything from a doll’s-eye-view, then watch it instantly or upload to your computer. There’s an LCD screen on Barbie® back, and a camera lens hidden discreetly in her necklace. Talk about making movies in style!”

Barbie will also be seen in some special themed dresses ranging from tributes to some famous movies and TV shows to Barbie dressed in a tribute to Elvis and Sinatra.

Finally, to get in on the action with the Twi-lite movies and the young market that is fascinated with vampires, werewolves and magic, Mattel created a “killer” line dolls from “Monster High!”

The line includes a group of young ladies: “Frankie Stein,”  “Clawdeen Wolf,” Lagoona Blue,” the daughter of the Mummy “Cleo de Nile,” and “Draculaura.”  There is also a male doll “Deuce Gordon,” who is a high school ‘Casketball’ star and just happens to be the son of Medusa.  These articulated, highly detailed dolls come with creepy-cool pets and awesome accessories

And for the little girls these same characters are produced in plush, soft sculpture versions with yarn hair and each with a small pet.

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