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Searching for a Summer Wardrobe

posted by SantaTim On April - 11 - 2011 187 COMMENTS

Spring is here and it is time to look at your Spring and Summer Wardrobe.  Do you have events where Santa is scheduled to work or make an appearance?  Or do you just want to look great when out and about?  Often Santa’s don’t think about their off-season appearance until it is too late, or when they get the call for a ‘Christmas in July’ promotion. 

So what do you wear to one of these events?  And what do you wear the other 364 days of the year?  

Well, being the conscientious Santa, that you are, you undoubtedly want to look your best, no matter what type of event, the location or the temperature. Certainly, your custom Santa suit would normally be too hot to wear.  Unless, of course, someone is going to build you a house made of ice! 

Don’t laugh.  About five years ago, someone did have a bright idea for a Christmas in July event and contracted with a local Ice company to build a set with a couple of walls of ice and a big Santa chair made out of ice.  Santa appeared and gave out summer toys and gifts to needy children.   It was a cute promotion.

But let’s get back to what a Santa can wear in the summer.  When it comes to appearances as Santa, most of my summer wardrobe consists of sport shirts or Hawaiian style shirts, plus red or green slacks or shorts.  I also have some nice golf shirts, custom slacks with holly and wreaths on them and a great pair of bright red overalls. 

By the way, what we think of summer clothes ‘Up Here,’ in the Northern Hemisphere, is what some of our fellow Santa’s ‘Down Under,’ in Australia and New Zealand might wear in November and December.  You know our summer time is their winter time and just the opposite.

Now your next question is . . . . Where do I get these summer clothes?   Yes, I do sell many of these things at  I have searched and pulled together a collection of items in big sizes and Santa colors.  But you do not necessarily have to buy from me.  Sometimes by looking around, or searching on the internet, you can find some great deals.

As I travel, and in particular at my schools, I get to see lots of great shirts, slacks and accessories that Santas have found in their own searches.  By aggressively looking you can often find some great bargains. 

As I said, I carry a wide range of shirts, pants, shorts, hats and jackets as a line of casual wear for Santas.  Unfortunately I can’t supply or sell everything that I wish.  Some clothing companies require minimum orders in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.  And unfortunately there are not enough Santas out there to support such an order or inventory.

But I keep trying.  And even when I can’t actually carry or sell something, I will send out the word on a special offer or something a particular manufacturer or store sells.  Recently it was red and green deck shoes from Land’s End marked down from $79 to $59  plus 30 % off and free shipping! 

Currently I have found a Red foldable felt hat that will be available from Orvis. The cost is just $39.00 and they are taking advanced orders.  Here is the mini url to order the hat:  Every time they offer this Red Fedora hat they sell out!

Now when you start looking you may find that some of the items are easy to find, depending on your measurements.  Let’s start with slacks and shorts. 

Dickies makes some wonderful English Red and Hunter Green slacks and shorts.  These are all made of heavy cotton twill and will last a long, long time.

The Double Knee Work Pants come in sizes up to a 50-inch waist and 30 or 32 length and the cost is under $30 a pair.  The 13-inch Cargo Shorts are available in either red or green with waists up to 48-inches and up to 60 inches in red only, and cost under $25 a pair.

The quality and workmanship are very similar to uniform clothing, and can be washed in your washing machine, although I prefer dry cleaning. (I’m a bachelor Santa) Here is the link to the Dickies web site for pants:  or you can order on my web site at:

To accessorize the pants, I suggest a canvas strap belts.  These are the same type of belts that the military uses, but they now come in designer colors.  And you can usually find them at any store that sells Dickies.  You should be able to get a belt with chrome buckle for under $10. 

Check when selecting your buckle.  Some stores also sell buckles with a single initial punched into the chrome.  The letter ‘S’ looks great as a buckle.  There are other belts out there, but you must keep looking.  You can also find some nice buckles and other Santa items by ‘surfing the web.’  Some of these buckles are for regular dress pants, and feature Santas face or the words Santa.  You just have to keep looking for them.

Now let’s talk about Shirts.  Both Golf Shirts and Hawaiian Shirts look great on Santa.  Especially with the Dickies Shorts.  I have a nice collection of both types. 

For the Golf or Sport Shirts, I look for the polyester or synthetic shirts.  Preferably those made with the moisture wicking technology.  This type of weave carries the moisture away from the body and you feel more comfortable.  You will have to look around for these possibly checking at Casual Male XL or other ‘Big Men’s” stores. carries a full line of moisture wicking Sport Shirts and T-shirts in sizes up to 6X, made by Colorado Timberline.  The shirts are generously cut and the t-shirts come in crew neck, V-neck and Mock-T.  I also have shorts and ladies shirts, plus fleece jackets and vests and all season jackets that the fleece vests and jackets zip into.

Hawaiian style or large oversized print shirts, when worn properly, look great!  I have about a dozen and most of them have holiday designs.    Some have lots of red or green.   I also took the plunge and made one myself.  I used a material I found at Jo-Ann’s that features the Coca-Cola Santa in different poses on a black background.  I have seen a few other Santas who found the same material.

I like the loose fit of the Hawaiian shirts as they are worn outside of the pants and help give Santa a smooth profile.  I wear them frequently.  They look great with the English Red and Hunter Green slacks

For shoes, I have red converse sport shoes, red and white wing tips, a pair of red suede work shoes and a pair of red leather Dance shoes with full heel and sole.  I also have a nice pair of black dress shoes with nice buckles on them.   And I orderd a pair of the red deck shoes from Land’s End.

Finally, you must always keep your eyes open for ‘Red.’  It is a year-round task.  Whenever I am in a clothing store, especially one I have never been to before.  I quickly check out the shirts and other racks for anything red.  Try it yourself.  You will be surprised what you find. 

You should also check out stores that cater to offering bright or flashy clothing.  Golf Shops are good for this.   Also Stores for ‘Men of Color.’ 

In a lot of communities there are stores that cater to the Black or Hispanic man.  In these stores you will always find clothing in bright colors.  That is one thing that Santa has in Common with the Black and Hispanic gentleman,  He too, Is a ‘Man of Color,’  You won’t be able to always wear the exact style of clothing a ‘Man of Color’ wears, but sometimes you will find certain shirts or shoes that you would never find in a regular department store. 

Good Luck in your search for some great Summer Clothes and remember to always “Keep the Christmas Spirit All Year Long!”

©Copyright 2011, Timothy Connaghan,

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