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Star for Santa – Hollywood Walk of Fame?

posted by SantaTim On April - 1 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

I believe that Santa Claus should have his own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  Yes, it is true!  Santa Claus does not have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Mickey Mouse has a Star.  Why even Godzilla has a Star!   And they are fictional characters.   What about Santa?  

Yes Santa Claus, the star of dozens of Hollywood movies, hundreds of television shows and of course eighty years as the featured star in the famed Hollywood Christmas Parade, does not have a star on the prestigious “Walk of Fame.”

And no, even though this is April 1st, this is not an April Fool’s Joke!

2011 celebrates the 80th year of Santa’s appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and his annual arrival in ‘Tinsel Town.”   I think it is about time he was given this honor.  What do you think?

Why at one time Hollywood Boulevard was annually renamed “Santa Claus Lane” in honor of our red-suited hero.   Gene Autry even found the words for his famous song, “Here Comes Santa Claus,” while riding in the parade.

It is not I, nor any of the currently known Santas that should get the Star.  It would be more of a tribute to the many actors who have portrayed Santa Claus.

From the beloved Edmumd Gwenn to the current president of the Scereen Actors Guild, Ken Howard, hundreds of actors have portrayed Santa Claus over the years. These include from the earliest of 1934 and Ferdinand Munier, to the latest, George Wendt and Paul Sorvino; and everyone inbetween including, Tim Allen, Whoopie Goldberg, Mickey Rooney, Steve Guttenberg, John Goodman, Ed Asner, Charles Druning, Bryan Cranston, robby Benson, Sir Richard Attenborough, Leslie Neilson, Lloyd Bridges, Tom Hanks, Jim Carey, Art Carney, Sebastian Cabot, Jim Backus, Fred Astaire, James Coco, Dan Akroyd and many others.

The idea would be a tribute to all actors, past and present who have contributed to the image and legend of Santa Claus.

Hollywood is famous for many things, two of which it is most famous are The Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

I have attended quite a few Star dedications on the Walk of Fame over the Years.  Some of this was during my telethon producing years at the March of Dimes and other times it was while I help organize the local chapter of the Hollywood Jaycees and produced the Miss Hollywood Pageant (a nineteen-year-old college student, Mariska Hargitay received the crown).

Having work on community projects, I know the idea of Santa’s Star is not an easy task to promote.  But I believe there are enough Santa lovers, both within our industry and in the world wide community, who would support this idea.  I know we can create a campaign that will help raise the $30,000 necessary to have a star installed on the Walk of Fame.  Could we get 3,000 ten dollar donations to make this happen?

Actually, I don’t think it will take that many.  I believe that we can also get some larger donations from the studios, the celebrities and others who have benefited from the image of Santa Claus.

If you support this idea, and/or would like to be involved with this little campaign, please contact me :

I envision a ceremony, attended by many Santas.  Amongst them we would also see many of the great the famous stars and celebrities that have portrayed Santa, plus those who have played, Mrs. Claus or a son or daughter in movies and television.  It could be quite an event.

By the way, in addition to Mickey and Godzilla other fictional characters with Stars include: Woody Woodpecker, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Tinkerbell, the Simpsons, the Rugrats, Kermit the Frog, the Flintstones, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Big Bird, plus famed canine stars Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Strongheart

Let’s get Santa his Star!  If you want to be on the committee please contact me today! 

Deadline to submit an application is May 31, 2011.    The monies payable to the Walk of Fame Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, are not require until after selection.  the $30,000 is for the creation and installation of the Star along with maintenance of the Walk fo Fame.


  1. I would be happy and excited to be a part of a Santa star.

  2. I believe a star on the walk of fame is appropriate, however, I don’t believe any (1) one man should except this star on behalf of all the Santa Clauses out there, not even Santa Tim.

  3. i also believe santa should have his own starespeidally the ones who have been in the hollywood parade & enclude the rest to be there for the dedication if it is approved

  4. I think this is a bad Idea. The Hollywood stars are to recognize specific actors and actresses for their achievements in portraying all kinds of characters. The Hollywood star was not intended for the one specific character they played. This would be a complete break from Hollywood tradition. Let’s keep Santas ego in check, remember, we’re toymakers, not a super stars.

  5. I have called the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce about this before. What is being done, should be done. There MUST be a star for Santa Clause on the Walk of Fame. The parade goes down that street every year. I will do what I can on this side of the country to help out.
    CEO (Chief Elf of Operations) Eastern Division, USA

  6. If they decide to place a Santa Claus Hollywood star, it would be great to have a plaque that each Santa could purchase to commemorate this historic event. Invite all Santa’s to attend who want to attend. The plaques could be marketed through our several Santa organizations. Another thought would be to have the plaques numbered as they are purchased. This may require having only one company to market the plaques. Just a thought. I know my plaque would be a pass down through the generations keep sake.

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