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Let us pass on a Star for Santa

posted by SantaTim On August - 13 - 2011 34 COMMENTS

A few months back I wrote here about a desire to get Santa a “Star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Having worked in and around Hollywood for over forty years, I have seen and attended many “Star” ceremonies.  And I just thought, like Mickey Mouse and other fictional characters, maybe Santa should also have a star.

I knew that most of the other stars were sponsored by the major studios or fan clubs, and that each of them contributed or paid the $30,000.00 for the installation of a star honoring an entertainer they wanted to be recognized.  (The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Walk of Fame Foundation require that once a star is designated, that some one pay or contribute the $30,000.00 to cover the costs of the star and all that goes with it)

So, I too wished we could have a star for Santa on the Walk of Fame.

However, that cost for such an special honor, over $30,000.00, has to be paid by someone to cover the costs of creating the star, installing it on the Walk of Fame and maintaining it.

This is an amount of money that could go a long way in offering help to others and in the true Spirit of Santa, I don’t think any of us can justify spending that kind of money just for a special symbol on a sidewalk.   Yes, it would be a great honor to be among the many who have also been honored, but Santa’s work is truly more important . . . Serving the Children and the Families!

I do hope you agree.   So if you were planning on donating something to help get Santa a Star, please instead use it where it will help others and do more good.  Donate the funds to Santa America or one of your favorite Holiday Charities, I know you will feel good about it.

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