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Why Liability Insurance?

posted by SantaTim On September - 4 - 2011 Comments Off on Why Liability Insurance?

Following yesterday’s post on where to get liability insurance, a few Santas commented on my post.  Some concurred with what I said.   And yet, a few others were very direct in telling me that I was “barking up the wrong tree,” or “creating a controversy within our industry.”   A couple even kindly said that […]

Santa’s Liabiltiy Insurance for 2011

posted by SantaTim On September - 3 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Most companies including, generally require that everyone we sub-contract, or refer to a client, be covered by some form of entertainer’s liability insurance. This includes Santas, entertainers, photographers, helpers, etc. The general minimum is $1-million in liability insurance which currently will cost somewhere between $120.00 and $215.00, depending on whether you buy your insurance […]

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