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posted by SantaTim On April - 13 - 2012 1 COMMENT

It is with much pride that I am able to tell you of my upcoming induction into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame.   I will be traveling to Santa Claus, Indiana later next week for the ceremony which will take place on Saturday, April 21.

Based at Santa Claus, Indiana, The International Santa Claus Hall of Fame is the home of the celebration and study of famous Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus of the past and present.   It is an ongoing project to preserve the historical documentation of the many men and women who have greatly contributed to the Legend of Santa Claus. The International Santa Claus Hall of Fame is dedicated to Nicholas of Myra, the fourth century bishop known for his great deeds of generosity.  He is the basis for the Santa Claus Legend.

Below  you will find a media release and some additional facts on the Hall of Fame.  Over 700 Santas, Mrs. Claus and Holiday professionals, plus thousands of friends, the media and the citizens of Santa Claus will celebrate many things “Santa” during the Jim Yellig Santa Claus Workshops April 18 to 21 in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Santa Jim Yellig was the Official Santa for Santa Claus and is one of the previous inductees in the Hall of Fame.

I am deeply humbled by the honor that is being presented to me and I would be amiss if I did not thank the good Lord and also everyone that contributed to my achieving this position in life.  I wish I could list everyone.  But, then, I know I might forget someone.

Especially I wish to thank my parents and especially my mother, Patricia Rose Connaghan; all of my family (eight brothers and three sisters); my patient wife Barbara and understanding daughter, Morgan Killeen: and finally the hundreds of friends and associates that I have worked with, and also learned from, during the past 44 years of wearing the red suit.  I must thank them all.  I only wish each of them could be with me at the ceremonies this coming April 21st.

Who would have thought that a young GI, in 1969, putting on a shaving cream beard, while serving in Viet Nam, would eventually be working year round as Santa?  Each year I now teaching hundreds of Santas and Mrs. Claus in my Santa School and additionally I hire hundreds more for holiday work.  And, I personally receive the opportunity to appear in commercials and films and I am allowed to serve as the official Santa for the Hollywood Christmas Parade.   God has truly blessed me!

Again, I thank everyone for this honor.

To read a media release and some background, Click Here

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  1. Congratulations Santa Tim! Good to get flowers while you are still living, no? Youhave done much to earn this commedation…

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