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SantaCares.US a new web site to help those in need of a Santa

posted by SantaTim On June - 11 - 2012 80 COMMENTS

I would like to tell you about a new website where requests for a Charitable Santa Visit can be made.  It is www.SantaCares.US .

This special web page is where invited guests can fill out a form to request a Charitable visit from a Santa.  The home page features five links that a guest can click on to request a special visit from Santa.

I think every Santas does one or two charitable visits each year.  Sometimes it is to his church or a local school.  Other times it is a hospital or military unit.   And bless them, there are some Santas who do only charitable work, and never look for any funds or remuneration.

Santa James and Annie Steinmetz, for example, keep a full schedule during the holiday season appearing at luxurious seaside California hotels, exclusive homes and many other venues.  And they never take a penny for their work.  Instead they have their clients write thousands of dollars in checks each year to Breast Cancer Angels.  They have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years for this charity, that is so close to their hearts.

Unfortunately, in addition to the thousands of visits we Santas donate every year, there are always many more requests that go unanswered.   Some are because the requests come to us late, or are on those days or or times that we are, unfortunately, already booked.  Other request go unanswered because those in need do not know where to go or who to call.

And each year there are new challenges that create new needs and areas where a Santa visit could really help out.  A special visit from Santa could make a tremendous difference in a child and their family.

Each year I receive many calls asking for a Santa to make a charitable visit.  And I know that many Santas have also gotten these calls.  I try to field the calls and channel the requests to a Santa or Santas that live in the vicinity of the request.  Sometimes we can put something together.  But, sometimes it is just too late to help.

The SantaCares.US web site will not guarantee a Santa visit for everyone.  But hopefully it will streamline the process for those who are requesting, and make it easier for those Santas who want to make a difference in a child’s or a family’s life.

The five categories at Santa Cares are as follows:

The SantaCares.US web site is also for you!  Should you get a request from someone and you are not able to help them, you can refer them to the web site.  Maybe together, we can lend a hand.

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