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Working with agents

posted by SantaTim On September - 5 - 2013 Comments Off on Working with agents

For over ten years I have been contracting with other Santas to appear at locations all over the U.S. and even overseas.  And prior to that, for about five years, I was often just referring jobs to other Santas.  Recently I have noticed that there are many Santas who do not know how to properly respond to a job opening or opportunity.   I think I really did notice this quite often over the years, but I just dismissed it.

As I teach a lot of Santas and Mrs. Claus in my School4Santas, I realized that I need to add something to the training, on how to respond to agents and companies when a job is offered.

So, I sat down and put together some handy hints about responding to job offerings. And mark you, this is not just Santas responding to offers from my company, but pretty much guidelines on how to respond to other agents and all of the party/entertainment industry!

  1. If you are interested in a job offering, or even slightly interested, respond immediately by sending an email with a YES! Don’t waste time or procrastinate. Sometimes the first Santa or Mrs. Claus responding, will get the job, or will the first one in the door with the client. Remember sometimes clients will call a few agents and there might be more than one, two or three persons being considered for a job.  If you think you need to call, just leave a message that you just sent a confirming email.  Don’t waste the agent’s time.
  2. Have your best marketing photo ready and attach it to your YES email.  Even if you think they have the photo, send it again anyway. It saves the agent time in trying to remember who you are and having to look for your photo in their file. And the agent can quickly resend the photo to the client. Quick responses and efficiency are major keys in getting your foot in the door first.
  3. If  you have a conflict or reason that you might keep you from accepting the job, Still email your Yes, and inform the agent of the conflict.  At least the agent will know.   But, you must inform the agent in your email when you say yes.   Sometimes the conflict will keep you from the job.  Other times it might give the agent information that will allow them to adjust the job to fit your need.   NOTE:  Don’t call them with your conflict.  Just say yes, and add the information to your note to the agent.   Let the Agent do the rest.  If they want to talk, they will call you.
  4. Don’t ask questions with your first response. Don’t call with questions.  Don’t Email questions. You can do that later, after you said yes, and when the agent follows up with you. Agents are quite busy and often have more than one job or project they are working on.  Often the agent has given you all the information they can about the job.  Your calling or emailing with questions on salary, schedules, benefits and working conditions, are not a priority at the moment.    And often, the agent does not have all the details either. And if your question is “I will only apply for the job if …….,”  you have probably removed yourself from the job pool. This is a deal breaker, don’t ruin your chances by casting doubt with the agent. Also agents are busy; they really don’t need to waste time answering your questions.
  5. Don’t assume that you have the job.   Some Santas assume that they are the only one being contacted for the job, and they go ahead and block their calendars.   But if you haven’t heard back in a few days, in most cases the job probably went to another Santa or another company.   If the job is for a public appearance or Santa visit, and you have not heard back from the agent in three or four day, you can then call them.
  6. However, if the job is from a casting call on a television show, film, commercial or theater, you will only get a call if you got the job.  They will never call you to say “sorry, you didn’t get the job.”   Unfortunately in those industries, it is a practice not to follow up with those who did not make the cut.  Agents and casting directors will only call you if you are one of the finalists, often called, “on avail,”  or if you actually got the job.

Hopefully these suggestions will aid you in working with agents.  Of course all agents are different and respond differently with their entertainers and artists.  Hopefully any that you deal with will be easy to work with.

If you have any other suggestions or questions on this subject, please feel free to let me know.

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