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posted by SantaTim On October - 28 - 2013 Comments Off on TALKING TO CHILDREN ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

Children spend hours, days, even weeks thinking about what they want for Christmas, and what they will tell Santa when they see him.  And often during this time, we as parents have a wonderful opportunity to teach the children some lessons on charity and giving.

I would like to suggest that while you are driving to see Santa, or waiting in line at the mall, that you talk with your children about what Santa means.  Simply stated Santa represents, love, and joy and giving.

No matter what your heritage or belief, you can explain to your children that Christmas is not, just a time for getting. Moreover, it’s really a time for thinking of others and of giving.

Sometimes, it’s a time for “Secret Giving.”  That’s were all the fun and joy really begins. Ask the children if they know of someone they could give something to?  Would they like to give something secretly?

Maybe your trip to visit Santa can also include shopping for some cards or gifts that your children can give to others.  Introduce them to the joy of giving.  It is a gift that they someday will thank you for.

Giving, also does not need to be expensive. It could be that secret giving is having the children create handmade holiday cards or decorations they could give to someone.

Or it could be making some cookies or treats and delivering them to a neighbor or senior citizen who doesn’t get out much. This kind of giving is a wonderful way to bring light and joy to others.

NOTE: This little lesson or example of giving is also a wonderful preparation for that day and time, when your child comes to you, and asks if you are really Santa, or explains that their friends are telling them that Santa is not real!

When your child has experienced “Secret Giving,” you have the key to explaining that for hundreds of years ago; in fact almost two centuries, St. Nicholas and many others, in societies around the world, all practiced “Secret Giving” in their daily lives and invited everyone to do it.

Explain that over the years, Parents and Families decided to honor St. Nicholas each December and give little gifts to their children. Eventually this giving to children was moved to Christmas Tim. And it was so much fun, that it is now done all over the world.

The parent can then announce to their child, “Now that you know the true secret about St. Nicholas and Santa Claus, you are now; officially welcome to become a Secret Giver, too!”

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