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“Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!” – Secret #1 – Organize & Plan Ahead.

posted by SantaTim On September - 10 - 2014 1 COMMENT

Vacations are  over.  So no more procrastinating. If you plan to get a jump on the  Holiday Season you must start now!  The following schedule is for those  who want to start holiday preparations today!

Do the Winter Holidays stress you out?

Do you get bummed out at Christmas?

And why, so early in the year am I talking about Christmas! Well as you can guess from this Blog Site, I am Santa Claus and deeply involved in Christmas.

But more importantly, it is because I want to help more people enjoy the Holidays! So I want to share with you, “Three Secrets to enjoying the Holiday Season!”

• Secret #1 – Organize & Plan Ahead.

• Secret #2 – Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks.

• Secret #3 – Schedule Personal Time.

Over the next few days I will tell you of the ways you can use these secrets.

Now that Labor Day has passed, and we just started sending the kids back to school, it’s a great time to start planning for all of the Winter Holidays.

To some folks, yes, it might be too early to start thinking about Christmas Decorating and buying Gifts, But to others, now is the perfect time to start planning and organizing for the holidays. And that is where my three secrets come in.

As someone who heavily promotes and celebrates the magic and traditions of Christmas and Santa Claus, I have seen both sides of the Christmas tree. I will guess that you have too!

Do you know a family that seems to have fun every day of the Holiday Season? Why is it they seem to have more fun? Or get to participate in more Holiday activities?

And we all have known or met folks who have lost the joy and love of Christmas. They complain about the hectic, rush-rush of daily life. Everything is too stressful. Hectic schedules leave them little time for family and fun. There is too much to do, and not enough time.

Which side of the Christmas tree are you on? Totally happy? Or worried and stressed? Maybe you are in between.

There are ways to enjoy the Holiday Season. Ways to do everything you want. And, at the same time, reduce the stress, anxiety, and the depression that often accompanies this joyous time of the year.

Here is Secret #1 – Organize & Plan Ahead.

Much of the success in surviving the Holidays is being organized and planning ahead. For most of the year we have our regular daily and weekly routines. And when the Holidays arrive, additional tasks, events and commitments get piled on top. The result being, we get overloaded.

So organizing your schedule, or for some re-organizing your already developed schedule , is the first Secret. Here are a few steps to help you:

• Create a Master Calendar for the Holiday Season. Include all personal and family activities, school & religious events, business trips, family trips, concerts, socials, annual parties, etc.

Planning for the Winter Holidays is much like planning for a Vacation. And why shouldn’t we enjoy the Holidays just like we enjoy our Vacations!

Have everyone in the family give their input. Consider all of the activities that you are planning or that you don’t want to miss. Be flexible on this as you may have conflicts and will have to decide which events take precedence over others

• Make a list of all the tasks and projects you want to complete for the Holiday Season.

If you can, try to pencil in times on your schedule when you could work on or completed the tasks. Again, you need to be flexible, as there will be conflicts and you may find there is no real time to accomplish that task. But don’t throw the task or project out. Put it on a separate wish list. Who knows you may find a way to add it back in later.

• Scheduled Days to Bake Wrap and Deliver. Schedule a day or days in November and December to bake cookies, make fudge, wrap presents and deliver gifts. If Halloween is also a busy time for you, make sure you have these events, tasks and activities on the Master Calendar, too!

• Setup a Holiday gift idea file. Use a separate page or folder for each person on your list.

• Update your holiday card mailing list. Decide what kind of and how many cards you’ll want this year.

• Make your travel arrangements. Depending on where you will be spending the holidays, start working on the detailed arrangements. If it’s at home, set up your menu and decoration plans. Double-check school, work and social schedules that may conflict with your travel plans.

If you are planning to travel, you should be searching now for travel bargains on airfare, hotels, etc. The longer you wait, the higher the prices will be as the holidays approach. If you are planning on using a personal vehicle, schedule any maintenance prior to your travel. Or better yet, think about renting a vehicle. Most rental companies have weekly rates and you are covered if anything breaks down. If you are driving to an unknown location or place that is new to you, check the internet or the auto club for maps and directions.

Tomorrow, Part II of  “Organizing and Planning Ahead”

NOTE: For those who cannot wait until tomorrow or want to jump in quickly, and “Get a Head Start on the Holidays,” I invite you to go directly to my special web site:


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