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“Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!” – Secret #2: “Eliminating the Un-Necessary”

posted by SantaTim On September - 10 - 2014 Comments Off on “Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!” – Secret #2: “Eliminating the Un-Necessary”

Today we move onto Secret #2  ” Eliminating the Un-Nesessary”

Secret #1 covered “Organizing and Planning Ahead.”  We went over creating a Calendar with a list of events and activities that you and/or your family would like to or need to consider for the coming holiday season.  And then you had a chance to work with a full calendar of proposed events and projects that you could adapt to your individual needs.

How did your list come out?  Does it look like you have everything?   Often we will forget some items and that is OK.  Just be comfortable that this is a working Calendar and a good planner is always a bit flexible with their plans.

But are you worried that there is still too much to do?  Part of planning is breaking large tasks down into smaller tasks that you can more easily accomplish.  And when the tasks are added up, you have accomplished your larger goal.

Most folks, once they completed the calendar and lists, still have worries that there is too much to do.  Well, they may be  right.  Often, in addition to your regular work, school, or other daily and weekly responsibilities, you have others who want to pile more on your lists.  Some of them are the things you want to do or love to do.

Then there are the required events and tasks that family, relatives, and friends, give you.  Like invitations to parties or school plays, or the required family visits to relatives, “Oh you just have to visit second cousin Louise,” (who just happens to live three hours away!)

Somewhere along the way, you may need to draw the line and start making decisions on what activities you can accomplish and what you must delete.


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