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“Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!” – Secret #2: “Eliminating the Un-Necessary”

posted by SantaTim On September - 10 - 2014 Comments Off on “Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!” – Secret #2: “Eliminating the Un-Necessary”

Today we move onto Secret #2  ” Eliminating the Un-Nesessary” Secret #1 covered “Organizing and Planning Ahead.”  We went over creating a Calendar with a list of events and activities that you and/or your family would like to or need to consider for the coming holiday season.  And then you had a chance to work […]

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Santa Emeritus

posted by SantaTim On August - 21 - 2014 Comments Off on Santa Emeritus

“What do you do with a General, when he stops being a General? What do you do when a General Retires?”   From the movie “White Christmas”, when Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby) travels to New York to appear on the Ed Harrison Show and asks all the troops to give up their Christmas and travel […]

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Protecting Santa Claus – Reducing your Liability

posted by SantaTim On October - 5 - 2012 Comments Off on Protecting Santa Claus – Reducing your Liability

Protecting Santa Clause – Reducing your Liability (This is the third in a three part series on Protecting Santa Claus) Yesterday I reviewed the need for insurance.   There are some Santas and Party Entertainers, who question the idea of having liability insurance.  Many of these performers have been doing this for years and don’t see […]

Santa’s Liabiltiy Insurance for 2011

posted by SantaTim On September - 3 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Most companies including, generally require that everyone we sub-contract, or refer to a client, be covered by some form of entertainer’s liability insurance. This includes Santas, entertainers, photographers, helpers, etc. The general minimum is $1-million in liability insurance which currently will cost somewhere between $120.00 and $215.00, depending on whether you buy your insurance […]

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