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ACCESSORIES FOR SANTA, Adding more Realism to your Presentation

posted by SantaTim On May - 22 - 2011 Comments Off on ACCESSORIES FOR SANTA, Adding more Realism to your Presentation

To the general public all Santas look alike! Yes, those who take a casual glance at any Santa seem to think, and assume, that we all look alike.   And it is true.  We often do look so much alike. Red material trimmed with white fur, a matching hat, black boots and accessorized with a black belt, […]

Santa’s Chair

posted by SantaTim On April - 15 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Many Santas like the idea of having their own Santa Chair.  Especially when they are actively trying to market themselves and add additional services.   Having a Santa Chair is a wonderful extra service you can offer you clients.  And yes if you wish, you can charge a fee for the rental of the chair at […]

Searching for a Summer Wardrobe

posted by SantaTim On April - 11 - 2011 187 COMMENTS

Spring is here and it is time to look at your Spring and Summer Wardrobe.  Do you have events where Santa is scheduled to work or make an appearance?  Or do you just want to look great when out and about?  Often Santa’s don’t think about their off-season appearance until it is too late, or […]

Toys for Girls – 2011 Toy Fair Report

posted by SantaTim On March - 21 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

Two weeks ago, I reported on one some new toys for the toddlers and some for the boys.  Today, I want to give you some updates on the newest items for the Girls, starting with Mattel.  As we all know the number one item requested by girls is Barbie, or anything related to her.  And Mattel […]

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