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Why Santa needs a Plan

posted by SantaTim On April - 1 - 2011 Comments Off on Why Santa needs a Plan

April 1st and we are only 268 days away from the Celebration of Christmas. I would guess that some Santas are thinking about things they can do to prepare for next November and December.   Two weeks ago I posted a blog here that told of “Getting a Head Start” on the Holidays.  I truly believe that in […]

Preparing for 2011 – Suggestions for the Private Party Santa

posted by SantaTim On March - 19 - 2011 1 COMMENT

If you are an independent Santa, doing private parties, etc., now is the time to start producing your marketing materials and to start calling on possible sources for business.  Your marketing materials do not need to be too fancy. In fact all you really need is a business card, a good photo to hand out, […]

Preparing for 2011 – It’s Never too early to Start!

posted by SantaTim On March - 19 - 2011 1 COMMENT

Almost three months have passed since Christmas and now might be a good time to begin looking at your schedule and preparations for the 2011 Holiday Season.  This month I want to outline some of the things you might want to start working on as you plan for your 2011 Season. 2011 will be the […]

October, Time to Prepare – Material Preparedness – Malls & Events

posted by SantaTim On October - 17 - 2010 49 COMMENTS

What you need when you are on the move. Because our work as Santa is seasonal and not part of our regular, daily routine, we can often forget to take with us necessary equipment or supplies. Like Batman, Santa sometimes needs a few extra weapons or tools to help him make it through each event […]

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